Bike Workshop

Unit 3, Milverton House, Court Street, Leamington Spa

Our bike workshop

Based near the Re-Useful Centre, Action 21’s Bike Workshop reconditions donated bikes to sell in the Re-Useful Centre. Dedicated volunteers refurbish hundreds of bikes a year to sell to the local community, providing a low-cost form of sustainable transport. The money generated from bike sales helps sustain the other charitable activities of Action 21.

Our volunteers
Our volunteer bike mechanics share a common enthusiasm for cycling and fixing bikes, and include retired people, hobbyists, students and those looking for work. As well as enjoying refurbishing bikes, most feel good about the fact they are helping their local environment.  

Reconditioned bikes are good for the environment
Cycling can reduce a person's carbon footprint and transport costs. Action 21 takes a stand against a throw-away culture and encourages re-use. Each year our team of volunteer bike mechanics recondition around 400 second hand bikes, thus saving them from landfill.