Unit 3, Milverton House, Court Street, Leamington Spa

Belinda Pyke
Belinda moved to Leamington in summer 2017 after a thirty year career as a senior official in the European Commission where she worked in a variety of policy areas, including migrant integration and equal opportunities. She became aware of Action 21 when she needed to downsize her belongings and became a volunteer soon after.

I am really impressed by Action 21’s ethos and values so am pleased to be able to contribute to its activities both as a volunteer and as a trustee.”

Paul Harris
Paul has lived in Leamington Spa for over 27 years. He is a Non-executive Director of Clockwise Credit Union, a volunteer with Action 21 in the bike workshop and works part time as a consultant. Professionally, he is a qualified accountant, with a background in corporate mergers, finance and IT in the financial services industry.

“I believe in the ethos of Action 21 to re-use, avoid landfill and reduce consumerism. Most things can be reused and if not recycled. I think Action 21 makes a real practical impact in Warwickshire with its promotion of re-use and environmental concerns. I’d like to help it continue and grow.” 

Paula Raducan
Paula worked for ten years as a teacher in a junior school and contributed to the formation and development of children’s personalities and education.  During this time she developed her knowledge in the economic field and went on to work for 14 years in the finance department of a main car dealership.

"I wish to play a part in Action 21, I enjoy meeting people and being involved in environmental activities.”

Margaret Begg
Margaret retired from being a local councillor in 2007 after 23 years in this role, latterly with responsibility for environment on Warwick District Council. She spent her working life as a teacher and organiser of adult education.

“My  professional life has given me extensive experience of the local democratic process, which is very helpful to Action 21. As a trustee, I am committed to developing new environmental projects of lasting impact in the local community. My years in adult education help me play a part in promoting Action 21’s charitable aims of providing educational opportunities which enable the community to take practical steps towards a greener future.”
Chris Pollock
Chris has been on the Board of Action 21 since retiring from a 40-year career in international business. His main interest is in using his experience to support and develop the re-use business, which is now the only source of income for the charity. He is also responsible for the volunteer voice on the Board and has involvement in health and safety policy.

“In the last few years I have become increasingly interested in sustainability issues. I’m a volunteer in the shop and really enjoy the interaction with customers and volunteers.”
Jenny Worrall
Jenny moved to Warwick in 2017 to work for the University of Warwick.  She is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor with 20 years experience of working in governance and internal control, including advising on policy and procedure.
“I was drawn to the work of Action 21 as I feel passionately about recycling and reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.  I hope that I can contribute my knowledge and enthusiasm to further the aims of Action 21.”
Nikki Cockcroft
Nikki moved to Leamington in 2004 where she worked in event programming and management at Warwick Arts Centre, the Royal Spa Centre and more recently as a freelancer. She has a keen interest in re-cycling, re-use and upcycling and her house is full of previously unloved items which have been turned into furniture and garden planters. 

"I really enjoy volunteering at the Re-Useful Centre which is an amazing treasure trove of constantly changing curios. During this time, I have learnt so much more about the ethos of Action 21 toward recycling and sustainability and, as a Trustee, I hope that I can help to contribute towards the future vision of the organisation."