Climate Emergency

Not Just a Recycling Shop

Action 21 is not just a public service for handling unwanted items! Whilst it is good that we are valued and used effectively as a shop selling second hand goods and for a place to take donations in Leamington Spa, Action 21 is actually part of a much larger picture with an international set of global goals on climate and the environment. As a charity we have a very important function and every one of our stakeholders, including customers, donors, staff and volunteers, is playing their part.

Educational Materials

Action 21 is committed to raising awareness of the climate emergency and human impact on the environment. We aim to create a culture of environmental good practice by working with the local community and other organisations to educate and promote climate goals and environmental responsibility. We have produced a range of materials on climate and on the COP26 Earth Summit which are free to use.

COP26 and the Climate Goals

This article (pdf) was written to help people understand COP26, the Earth Summits and the Climate Goals. It is suitable for schools and other organisations and individuals seeking clear, understandable explanations.

COP and Climate Goals Infographics

Produced with our partner organisation, Warwickshire Climate Alliance, these infographics encapsulate the information about COP and the Climate Goals. Feel free to download them and use for your displays.
What is COP?
COP Goal 4
COP Goal 3
COP Goal 2
COP Goal 1

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change